Golden Girl of Australian TV back again

Hazel Phillips is back on our TVs. You may have seen her on  The Circle or more recently Australias Got Talent. Now she’s appearing in an advertisement she really believes in.

See the Sun Herald story for Australia’s Got Talent where she was decribed as ‘Australia’s Betty White’.

Hazel was awarded the O.A.M. (Order of Australia Medal) in the 2005 Queen’s Birthday Honours List for her services to the entertainment industry, particularly in the areas of the performing arts and television, and to the community as a fund-raiser for charitable groups. She is also a respected artist.

Read all about Hazel’s life in her autobiography Black River Bright Star published by Zeus Publications in 2008.

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New releases end of September

Further new releases are:

Human Sexual Instincts by Emma Thomas

The story shows the types of sexual behaviour best followed and those that should be avoided and the consequences expected. It shows the struggle people have between their logical reasoning on one and and the path their instincts encourage them to take on the other.

RRP: $26.95

ISBN: 978-1-921731-77-8  GENRE: Fiction


A Plate of Eggs by Stephen Denham

The egg is an ancient symbol of new life, rebirth resurrection. I has also represented throughout the ages – mystery, magic, fertility. The egg might also symbolise the quest for truth, our search for meaning, and the heartfelt questions that are its compass. A plate of eggs is thus an offering of ideas able to transform our consciousness, reminding us of our uniquely human potential to become creators in our own right.

RRP: $45.95 ISBN: 978-1-921731-42-6  GENRE: Non-fiction


And from our imprint Poseidon Books:

The Dormant Powers by Greg Peake
Jack manages to unblock the mental barriers inside his mind, granting him the power of telekinesis. His powers lead him on a path that forms a friendship with a supernatural abilities  researcher and a strange man with amazing fire powers. As his abilities being to grow, Jack knows he is destined for something  special. However, Jack is not alone. Another being has gained telekinetic  powers. A being who is troubled, constantly bullied and cannot wait for the chance to push back… 

RRP: $26.00 ISBN: 978-1-921919-24-4 GENRE: Fantasy Fiction

Marcilla’s Dreams by Bill Hayward

A mother’s love knows no bounds; at times a mother will say or do something she hopes will guide her children down the right path.  She does not mean to hurt them she only wants to protect them, in doing so she may use words that annoy her children who think they have all the answers.

RRP: $25.00

ISBN: 978-1-921919-17-6  GENRE: Fiction


Czech Point by Daniel McKinnon

Caught in a labyrinth of people who were not who they seemed James found that answers for many of his questions about life came with even more questions. Within a journey that led from the     gangland streets of Sydney to a sultry killing field in the Philippines, James was forced to lament the loss of someone beautiful in his life, swept away by the violent acts that came with callous greed and perverse philosophies.  Manipulated by a ring of international arms dealers and extremists, the journey leads James to the cold cobbled streets of Eastern Europe. His fate and that of a woman he loved were clutched in the hands of unconscionable evil……

RRP: $38.00 ISBN: 978-1-921919-14-5 GENRE: Fiction 

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Writing prompts to get the pages filled

Stop staring at that blank page. Go on pick that pen or pencil up, or if you are at your computer start tapping on the keys.

Still can’t think up anything to write about huh?

Okay, I’m here to help so maybe some of these prompts will get those creative juices flowing again and the keys tapping like the River Dance.


  • A stray puppy is sitting at your door barking. What do you do?
  • Someone you love has left and you don’t know why. Is this a mystery?
  • The colour purple.
  • Your neighbour’s house is on fire and you can hear her calling out for help. What happens next?
  • Write the most romantic thing that ever happened to you.
  • A new disease has been discovered. What can it do to the population? Who will survive?
  • An old man has a bad habit that he tries to hide from his new date. What does she do when she discovers this annoying habit?
  • Turtles.
  • A sunset that isn’t golden and red. What has happened to the sky?
  • You have to move to a foreign country for work. How do you feel? How do you cope being away from your family?
  • Smiles.
  • Hugs.
  • A stolen shoe. A broken door. A lady is crying.
  • The best day of your life.

I hope these prompts help you create a fantastic story, a saleable article or a blog that inspires. Let me know what you write about.



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Sorry about not telling you earlier

I know it doesn’t give you much time but the Northern Rivers Writers Centre recently sent me an email containing:

Expressions of Interest now open for NRWC 2012 Calendar. We are currently seeking Expressions of Interest from writers, editors and other industry professionals interested in being part of our 2012 Calendar of Events. If you have a proven track record of presenting engaging workshops and seminars, and you have a proposal you’d like to submit for our 2012 Calendar, then we’d love to hear from you. Submission guidelines are available by emailing Siboney Duff at or by visiting the NRWC website at All proposals must be submitted by email only. Closing date for submissions is Friday 30 September 2011. This is, of course, for the Byron Bay Writers Festival.

It’s a fun event so even if you don’t become involved (as a writer) go along and get some inspiration. It’s held in August every year and Byron Bay is a beautiful place to visit.

Go to: Byron Bay Writers Festival for more information.

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How do you get on television or feature in a magazine?

First time authors often ask about their chances of getting on television. Usually I’ll say, “Buckley’s” but thankfully that is not always the case.

Author and poet Ashley Byrnes

Take Poseidon Books author Ashley Byrnes; he recently appeared on NBN news. Who would think a poet (Ashley has three books published, Deceiving the Hearts of the Simple, Through the Eyes of Words and his latest Raw Emotion) would be featured on television?

The thing with Ashley is that he’s marketable. The story angle was that Ashley was returning to boxing, a contrast to his other pursuits as a poet and writer. Because Ashley has come through the school of hard knocks (literally) gave this story a human touch and universal appeal.

See what you think. Have a look via the link below:

Media can be fickle and will not always support authors, even if you are a local. The famous often become more famous. Unless something extremely newsworthy happens to you it’s unlikely to expect to be interviewed (and I don’t suggest creating the next AFL scandal).

There can be some success with biographies (of the famous) and health and medical titles but again television can be fickle. For example my publishing company once had an interview organised for an author and as the negotiations for a filming date were being set the producer of the show moved on and the next producer cut the interview.

The harsh reality is that you don’t want to become the next Chk Chk Boom Girl just to gain publicity. Nor do you want to do a Helen Demidenko and cause the sort of scandal in the literary world as she did. Maybe starting as a You Tube sensation works for some but writers reading their work aren’t quite up there with Justin Bieber.

I suggest you can hype your book and yourself and still be honest and true. Tap into your brilliant past or discover any interesting facts about yourself that audiences may enjoy (such as Ashley’s story about being a single dad who has done it tough). More importantly write the best book you can and you will always be proud enough to spruik it.

If you are lucky enough to be interviewed by a newspaper, magazine, radio or television always prepare. Most interviewers will steer the conversation so you have to be ready to try to get back to your main points.  Talk about the book but also about yourself, why you write, what you went through and anything topical that relates to you and your book.

Usually and interview will have to suit the publication so if you are speaking to a women’s’ magazine keep your points on women’s interest subjects such as motherhood, fashion, health and careers. Always keep in mind ‘the audience’.

If you can create your own publicity it then creates publicity for the book. If you already hold seminars or speak in your line of work, can you sell your books during these events?

While some book titles, such as guides and text books, sell because of a title catching a buyer’s attention because of a need, and others, such as novels, can sell due to the author’s name alone. The saying is that once your name is bigger than your title you’ve made it as a writer.

Here’s hoping more of you will be one of those writers – and maybe I’ll see you on the tele one day.

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