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  1. bookszeus says:

    Check out My Press Room for the latest press releases about Zeus Publications authors.

    • Jan Neathery says:

      Really interesting and special post. I like items like making more research, developing writing skills, and also related things. These help in being an expert on this topic. Your posting is very helpful to everyone because people like you dedicated time to learning. Regularity is the key. But it is not too easy, as has been made out to be. I’m not really saying that I’m an expert like you and plenty of times I feel like giving it up. Looking at a person like me, this page is of good assistance and booster. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I am impressed with this website , very I am a big fan .

  3. As a newly published Zeus author, I really appreciate all the help and advice I can get in order for my book The Pegasus Principle, Secret of the Stones to be successful. I thank you all at Zeus Publications for all the sincere help you have given me over the last months. I have learnt so much and along with the help from my wife Shona, I know we will succeed. Now, on to the marketing….Thanks Donna for all that you are doing to put my book out there for all to see.

    Rowland and Shona Waring-Flood

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  5. martinknox says:

    Looking forward to being better connected. I am impressed by Zeus website.

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