Blog Author – Donna Munro

Donna Munro is the marketing publicist for Zeus Publications and has been with the company for almost four years. She came from a desktop publishing, graphics, marketing, sales and writing background.

Donna has created this blog as a strategy to help all authors get their profile out there. She believes every author should create a blog or website, network, link and build a web presence that enables them to sell more books. 

She also believes that writers should always be endeavouring to improve their craft. This means writing often, researching, taking workshops, reading reference books, networking, reading the genres you want to write – and we stress again – writing often.

If you have any suggestions for this blog or would like to feature please email Donna at:

If you would like her to write a post on your blog all you have to do is ask. If any reviewers would like to review Zeus Publications book they are available on solicited requests only. See all the titles at: 

Donna Munro – Blog Writer

 “Have your book with you wherever you go. You never know who you might meet and they may be able to help your book soar.”

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  1. Thanks for this post, I am a big big fan of this site would like to go on updated.

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