New Releases for October

The Matriarch by Lynn Richards

Format: Paperback
Number of pages:168
RRP: $23.95

This is the compelling story of an ordinary woman, born and bred in Melbourneat the very end of the 19th century. It is a journey of nostalgia through World War I, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, the shocking aftermath of  World War II.  

Rose is the fifth child in a family of six. Although circumstances dictate that Rose becomes the backbone of her family, she is swept into the arms of a handsome but devious young man-about-town. Rose suffers rape, betrayal and abuse.  

Meanwhile her family is touched closely by the trauma of war, women’s fight to vote, embezzlement, power struggles and the hardship of the Depression. Through all this, Rose is challenged, but  she shines through with resilience, courage and determination. She becomes The Matriarch.

First Date a Success by Tonia Karpinska.

Format: Paperback
Number of pages:77
Genre: Non Fiction
RRP: $19.59

First Date a Success is a light and entertaining read. This book will help you answer some burning questions and give you information about some interesting aspects of the dating game. You can expect to find some insight into human nature of finding partners, behaviour patterns and also find out how to read the body language.

Ever wanted to know how to dress and what to say on the first date?

Ever wondered if a person next to you really likes you?

This book will answer these and many other questions. You can expect to find advice and real life stories. 

Arthur King of the Britons by John Lambert

Format: Paperback
Number of pages:77
Genre: Non Fiction
RRP: $19.59

If King Arthur existed, and there are sufficient genuine historical references to suggest that he did, then he was a leader of the Britons in the late fifth and early sixth centuries.

The Arthur of this story is a warrior king in the period after the departure of the Roman legions. He is undefeated in battle, a man of vision, a man educated in the traditions of the Romans, who desires peace and prosperity for his people, the Britons. He halts, at least temporarily, the invading Anglo-Saxons, confining them to the south east parts of Britain. His own realm is in the west and the north.

The legends of Merlin, Mordred, Genevieve, and Lancelot are woven into the story in a way that makes them credible. The story illustrates Arthur’s leadership as well as his military prowess, but it is Mordred’s treachery which leads inexorably to the final battle and to Arthur’s death.

An epilogue tells of a modern fictional search for Excalibur, the great sword.

Romance, fiction and history combine to provide an engaging tale of ‘what might have been’. The story is mainly fiction but it is a ‘good story’ and probably more historically accurate than many others about Arthur.

Click Click, You’re Dead by Carol Gibson

Format: Paperback
Number of pages:196
RRP: $24.95

Sam Coronet, a psychotic photographer, begins a murderous reign through the Western Australian caravan trail. With a calm, cool personality Sam mingles with campers, evilly planning the right opportunity to strike his prey. 

The frustrated police have tagged Sam the ‘Phantom’ as he eludes capture.

But, when Jennifer, a young psychic, and Annie, an elderly widow, join forces in an experiment to use telepathy to contact victims Sam’s reign of terror could be over.

Or will this debauched madman escape once again?  

Image by Carole Roscoe

Format: Paperback
Number of pages:188
Genre: Fiction/Crime  RRP:  $23.95

Rusty Morgan returns to Sydneyfor the premiere of his latest film Silent as the Grave for which he received an Academy Award for best actor. He dies suddenly at his homecoming celebration. The attending doctor suspects that his death is drug related.
The post-mortem examination confirms it was due to a cocktail of drugs.

Inspector John Sentinel and his team have only a few days to investigate whether Rusty took an overdose by accident or whether someone intended to murder him. 

Neurotic Predator Unmasked by John Meskell

Format: Paperback
Number of pages:321
Genre:Fiction/Crime RRP: $28.95

BE WARNED –- This is definitely not a story for the faint hearted. It is an account which delves into the gruesome, fiendish mind of a crazed, psychopathic, serial killer. 

On the other hand, the story weaves around true confessed love between two Queensland University law students, of such grandeur hitherto seen in today’s fast growing society. Darren and Sandra subsequently become married and at the time, had no idea what the future held in store for them.

 It is a tale of seeming impossible endurance over inconceivable situations, of unshakable faith when all else seems hopeless, of a determination to overcome insurmountable odds. 

 As the narrative unwinds it delves into the hazardous peril and unsafe vulnerability the East Timorese people were forced to endure, at the hands of Indonesian troops during their occupation of East Timor. 

The climax, intrigue and clever police work, which ultimately brings about the downfall of an insane ‘Monster at Large’, coupled with adventures hitherto unheard of, with the atmosphere of ‘true love’ featuring strongly throughout the novel, to the final conclusion, all make enthralling annotation.

Cry of the Bunyips by Jeff Pages

Format: Paperback
Number of pages:389
Genre:Fiction RRP: $31.95

Cornipean bunyips are small placid animals, popular as pets throughout the Meridian Empire. Frizian honey is their weakness though, a trait exploited in the outlawed sport of bunyip-baiting where just a mouthful makes them fight to the death.

 On Earth, their mythical namesakes haunt the swamps of south-eastern Australia, devouring anyone straying too close at night. But are they connected in more than just name?

 For Joel Morison, a quiet holiday with the Collins family in Victoria’s Bunyip State Park goes horribly wrong when twelve-year-old David disappears while bushwalking. In attempting to find him, they become pawns in a conspiracy dating back to the first settlement of Cornipus and the secret annihilation of that world’s indigenous people.

 Set two years after The Mind of the Dolphins, this story continues the adventure begun with Barefoot Times and Call of the Delphinidae.



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