New releases end of September

Further new releases are:

Human Sexual Instincts by Emma Thomas

The story shows the types of sexual behaviour best followed and those that should be avoided and the consequences expected. It shows the struggle people have between their logical reasoning on one and and the path their instincts encourage them to take on the other.

RRP: $26.95

ISBN: 978-1-921731-77-8  GENRE: Fiction


A Plate of Eggs by Stephen Denham

The egg is an ancient symbol of new life, rebirth resurrection. I has also represented throughout the ages – mystery, magic, fertility. The egg might also symbolise the quest for truth, our search for meaning, and the heartfelt questions that are its compass. A plate of eggs is thus an offering of ideas able to transform our consciousness, reminding us of our uniquely human potential to become creators in our own right.

RRP: $45.95 ISBN: 978-1-921731-42-6  GENRE: Non-fiction


And from our imprint Poseidon Books:

The Dormant Powers by Greg Peake
Jack manages to unblock the mental barriers inside his mind, granting him the power of telekinesis. His powers lead him on a path that forms a friendship with a supernatural abilities  researcher and a strange man with amazing fire powers. As his abilities being to grow, Jack knows he is destined for something  special. However, Jack is not alone. Another being has gained telekinetic  powers. A being who is troubled, constantly bullied and cannot wait for the chance to push back… 

RRP: $26.00 ISBN: 978-1-921919-24-4 GENRE: Fantasy Fiction

Marcilla’s Dreams by Bill Hayward

A mother’s love knows no bounds; at times a mother will say or do something she hopes will guide her children down the right path.  She does not mean to hurt them she only wants to protect them, in doing so she may use words that annoy her children who think they have all the answers.

RRP: $25.00

ISBN: 978-1-921919-17-6  GENRE: Fiction


Czech Point by Daniel McKinnon

Caught in a labyrinth of people who were not who they seemed James found that answers for many of his questions about life came with even more questions. Within a journey that led from the     gangland streets of Sydney to a sultry killing field in the Philippines, James was forced to lament the loss of someone beautiful in his life, swept away by the violent acts that came with callous greed and perverse philosophies.  Manipulated by a ring of international arms dealers and extremists, the journey leads James to the cold cobbled streets of Eastern Europe. His fate and that of a woman he loved were clutched in the hands of unconscionable evil……

RRP: $38.00 ISBN: 978-1-921919-14-5 GENRE: Fiction 


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