Books released in the last few weeks

Phew! Look at all the books on my desk.

New releases on my desk.

Dell Brand released the sequel to History’s a Mystery is History’s a Mystery Again. Dell weaves real history into these magical stories that school-age children love.

Another Zeus writer with more than one book with Zeus Publications is D.R. Farry. He has released Angels be Damned. His early releases were Starlight Minor and The Swan Principle.

Fist-time author K. Evans has released the YA fiction Vanessa Smythe, a speculative fantasy.

NSW author John Higgins has release the thrilling Scottish Soldier – the killings.

Gordon Carr has just published his fifth Zeus Publication novel Seize the Day…the movie it follows Nobody Reads the Credits, Voyage of the Britannica, Adventures in Java and other places and Temptation Island.

Ian Jay’s third Zeus book and prequel to To Do or Die is Maximum Effort. He has also published Echidna.

John Lambert is another prolific writer. His latest is Lost and Forgotten. His previous titles were A Land of Plenty and Beyond all Seas.

With a new theory on enlightenment Jack Travis has released Three Steps to Enlightenment – the Mud Sandwich Theory.

Did you know we have a Gypsie population in Australia? Find out about it reading Kate Wright’s Your Neighbours – the Gypsies in Australia.

New authors and grandparents John and Barbara Evans have released How Many Minutes Make a Dollar.

You can see all Zeus books at:

Zeus Publications


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