Karen Wade – Author at Work

Name:  Karen Wade 
What are the books you have written?:  This is my first book (Truth Creates Heaven on Earth), however I  am a third of the way through the next book which seems to be a companion book for the first. We will see what unfolds.

Cover painting by Angela Macpherson

What is your preferred genre?:  Spiritual
Where is your favourite place to write?:  In my meditation room looking out to the beautiful bush where kangaroos roam and the occasional echidna waddles by.

Looking out from Karen’s meditation room – what a magical view!

Do you need peace and quiet or noise and chaos when you write?:  Definitely the peace and stillness! All I hear are the sounds of waves crashing in the distance and the many beautiful sounds of the Australian bush serenading me.
What is something unique about your writing?:  The unique thing about my writing is that most of this book was scribed by me from a Collective of Lightworkers who I have been blessed to be able to ‘hear’. I didn’t realize until the completion of the book that my reason for ‘Being’ was to be the physical vehicle for the Truth in this book to come through.
Do you think rejection is just a part of writing that writers have to accept?:  It was through the many rejections by publishers that I learned how to surrender ‘my will’ and to allow the book to find its way to the publisher it was meant for in Divine Timing according to Divine Will. I would meditate and follow the inner guidance of my heart and with each rejection self doubt would ensue until I stepped back from the situation and accepted that this was not where the book was meant to be. As this process progressed I realized that the book was finding its own way and then almost 2 years after finishing it, the reason it had not been published was revealed to me. The book had been held in its original focussed form so that the Divine Oneness Consciousness it contained could be anchored into the heart of Mother Earth in a sacred ceremony. There was a Divine Plan and a Divine Timeline for this book and my lesson was to surrender and trust the process as it unfolded.
Does anyone help you with your writing process?:  All of the Ascended Masters, Saints and Angels in the Collective.
What is your best advice to new writers?:  Listen to and follow your heart!
What can’t you live without?:  There is nothing I can’t live without as I hold all that is truly precious within!
Who is your favourite author?:  I couldn’t get enough of Spiritual books and as I expanded in consciousness my favourite author changed. I loved Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neal Donald Walsch, Doreen Virtue, the ‘Kryon’ books and many, many others. The works of Eckhart Tolle and Drunvalo Melchizedek had a major impact upon me. Now I rarely read as all guidance and wisdom comes from within my heart.
What do you do as a hobby or pastime other than writing?:  Spending time with the people I love,  walking in the bush and on the beach, meditating, yoga, swimming in the ocean and being with like-minded people.
In one word describe yourself:  I Am (sorry it’s two).


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