Jeff Pages – on writing barefoot

Name: Jeff Pages

Jeff Pages - barefoot at his writing desk.

What are the books you have written? Barefoot Times, Call of the Delphinidae, The Mind of the Dolphins and Cry of the Bunyips

What is your preferred genre? Science fiction/fantasy

Where is your favourite place to write? In front of my computer in its nook looking out over the garden. My favourite thinking place is walking along the beach.

What is your favourite writing reference, tool etc.? Google and my battered old Macquarie Dictionary.

Do you need peace and quiet or noise and chaos when you write? Most definitely peace and quiet, though I don’t mind the kookaburras and cicadas.

What is something unique about your writing? The barefooting aspect, which adds an extra dimension to how the characters experience their surroundings. Not only do they see, hear and smell what’s around them, they feel it too through the soles of their feet.

Do you think rejection is just a part of writing that writers have to accept? Yes, just like love and life generally, I guess. It should be done nicely and constructively though.

Does anyone help you with your writing process? I have a blind friend in the USA to whom I send audio recordings of my work as it progresses. As well as his insightful feedback, just the process of reading it out loud and listening back helps a lot, particularly with the pacing of the story.

What is your best advice to new writers? Read as much as you can and keep on writing. Like good wine, it improves with time.

What can’t you live without? The beach and bushland, my extended family and wonderful circle of friends. And coffee!

Who is your favourite author? Raymond Feist – with Peter Straub, JK Rowling and Zeus’s own Pat Noad close behind.

What do you do as a hobby or pastime other than writing? Bushwalking, body surfing, cycling, amateur radio, watching the cricket, reading on the train to and from work.

In one word describe yourself: Geek – well barefoot geek would be more accurate but that’s two words.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us that you think other writers might be interested in? I never think too far ahead as to where the story might be going, preferring to let it take its own course as it evolves. The surprises for the reader are much more genuine when they’re surprises for the author too! Also nothing beats the strange mixture of euphoria and sadness when writing the final words of a novel.

Jeff Pages books are also available as ebooks.

Check out the link to the Macquarie Dictionary, which was mentioned in question four as one of Jeff’s favourite writing tools. Instead of having the battered version by your desk (I have one too) the online version is convenient (and minus the dog ears). For about $40 for a year’s subscription it’s a fantastic writer’s tool.

Check out the Barefoot Times website at:


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