Endorsements on books help sales

Authors who recieve endorsements about their books should use them to market them. Readers like to know that other readers have liked a book. Testimonials definitely help create good word of mouth.

Here’s one for author Karen Wade’s Truth Creates Heaven on Earth


Thank you thank you thank you!

Truth is such a wonderful gentle book. I have have been reading spiritual  books intensely for  3 or so years  as part of my own journey. Truth is the best one I have read.

Partly I suspect because it is optimistic and partly because it is clear in use of language and the message conveyed. For what is is worth  I believe things are changing and the message is getting clearer and clearer. We are blessed to live in unique times where, if you seek, you  can find.  

Take the Seth material from the 1960’s – not an easy read- and compare it to Conversations with God. To my mind there is an evolution at hand in the material and the clarity with which it is being revealed to us is increasing .  Truth is a step beyond beyond both of these ‘classics’.

Once Truth becomes read beyond  a threshold I believe it will stand as one of the great messages to the world and be widely read.

On a personal note it has encouraged me to pursue my path with more openness  and to feel more relaxed about seeking a life that is more authentic for me. Like you I am juggling (being a husband  father and working).

My copy of Truth is currently on loan to another seeker and  I intend buying copies as gifts for selected friends.


Cover painting: Angela Macpherson


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