Latest media events and milestones

Event: Interview on ABC radio

When:               Sunday Feb 14th

Author:             Ray Barraclough

Book:                 Why’

Event: Book review and articles in Nimbin News

When:                Issue 10

Author:             Sophia Hoeben

Book:                 The Accidental Radical

Event: Interviews and articles in Maroondah Leader and Maroondah Journal

When:                Jan 2011

Author:             Peter Oredsson

Book:                 Blood-line Incursion

Event:  Two-page spread story and pics in Australian Madison

When:                March 2011

Author:             Marion Maclean

Book:                 Defeating Anorexia Athletica

Event: Review in the Boab Bulletin (Kimberley Historic Society)

When:               January 2011

Author:             Peter Wise

Book:                 The Kimberley Killers

Congratulations  also to Peter Wise for receiving The Police Service Medal which was introduced and approved by Commissioner Bob Atkinson for serving and retired Police Officers in recognition of their service to the community. What an honour!

Event: Interview and review in the Waverley Leader

When:               January 2011

Author:             Brad Kyle

Book:                 Memoirs of a Pilgrim

Event:  Selection for 100th International

Women’s Day 2011

When:               2011

Author:             Kathy Anne Noble

Book:                 Two Lives: a transsexual’s story and the fight for  

                            Recognition (yet to be released)


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I am the marketing Publicist for Zeus Publications. I am a novel, short story and article writer as well as wife, mother and friend. I have
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