Let radio interviews work for your book

You’re about to be interviewed on radio for the first time. Don’t get nervous just do these simple things to make the interview work for you and sales of your book.

Plan your interview

Have questions and answers prepared and if possible give them to the announcer beforehand. Okay they won’t always use these guidelines but often they’ll at least ask some of the questions (particularly if you’ve made your answers interesting). Try to guess what else they may ask you? If there’s something controversial in your book they are bound to ask about that (of course most of them won’t have time to read the book but you never know). Be prepared for a question you’re not ready for by keeping palm cards or notes in front of you to move the conversation on. If you can’t answer a question just say so.

Practice and warm up your voice

You can practice answering questions with a friend or even in front of the mirror. Listen to your voice and make sure it’s lively and appealing. Don’t drone on and sound dull. Warming up your voice to get out any squeaks, coughs or wavers is a good idea. Some people sing on the way to an interview but don’t overstrain your voice. The last thing you want is to lose your voice – therefore losing the opportunity.

Keep to your goal

This means stay focussed on what you are there to do – sell your book! Try and say the title at least three times (too many more and you’ll just sound like an infomercial instead of an interesting interviewee). Don’t forget to mention your publisher and where the book can be purchased. If the interviewer gets off track gently nudge the conversation back to the topics in your book.

Use humour sparingly

Humour will only work if you’re comfortable with it. Don’t just tell a joke that has nothing to do with the subject but if you have a funny story that ties in with your book go ahead. Try to be yourself as much as possible and if you are a funny person let the listeners know it. On the other hand if you are more sedate and introspective talk about something in your book that has meaning to you.

Don’t let the moment slip

If the announcer fails to bring up something you really want to discuss in the interview don’t be too shy to bring it up yourself. Don’t miss your opportunities but don’t talk over the top of the announcer – wait until they stop talking to make your point. Appear to be a good listener as well.

If the butterflies take up residency in your stomach

Everyone gets nervous at some time or other particularly if they are being interviewed. Just think of it as sitting on a comfy couch talking to a friend. Forget about the audience just chat. Some people have a calming tea such as Chamomile or soak in a bath of Lavender beforehand. There’s also Rescue Remedy and various things, such as massage. Some prefer to exercise or go for a run.Try whatever relaxes you before you get to the interview.

If you need support ask a friend to go along with you and encourage you. Some interviews are via phone rather than in the studio so if the studio seems too daunting ask if the interview can be conducted by phone and at least you can then be comfortable in your home environment. 

There are organisations that teach public speaking so if you’re still feeling unprepared try one of these for practice first.

Thank your interviewer

Once the interview is over don’t forget to thank the person who has interviewed you and the producer, who probably organised it. Ask if you can have a copy of the podcast as this is a terrific marketing tool that you can post on your website or pass onto your publisher to do so.

Broadcast it

Don’t forget to tell everyone you know that the interview will go to air on such-and-such a date and time. Post it on Facebook, your blog, Twitter etc. Don’t forget to ask your Publisher to do a press release about it. If someone misses it email the podcast to them.

Most of all have fun, relax and enjoy your moment in the spotlight – or should I say – in front of the microphone?

“Remember radio is the theatre of the mind and is a great opportunity to present an idea which gets into someone’s head as a vision.” – Bruce Rogers


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I am the marketing Publicist for Zeus Publications. I am a novel, short story and article writer as well as wife, mother and friend. I have
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