Writers’ sites to help you write well

As I’m always searching the web for marketing opportunities for my author’s books. I come across some useless information and some good information. I’ll try to pass on the good stuff this year.

Here’s a good post:


The most important link Janet notes is Preditors and Editors. Every writer should check this site out and stay informed of their options. Mostly these are overseas sites.

In Australia my favourite sites are the writers’ centres of each state. They are:

Get in touch with the centre in your state for vital writing information including courses, workshops, competitions, opportunities and more.


About bookszeus

I am the marketing Publicist for Zeus Publications. I am a novel, short story and article writer as well as wife, mother and friend. I have
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2 Responses to Writers’ sites to help you write well

  1. Janet Glaser says:

    Thanks for the link. Good idea to include Australian sites too. The world gets smaller every day and the Internet brings us all together.

    • bookszeus says:

      Hi Janet,
      Thanks for the comment. I agree the world is shrinking. Writers can be brought together so easily across the globe with great innovations like WordPress and other blogs and networks.
      🙂 Donna

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