More rain for a rainbow launch

The launch of Sophia Hoeben’s The Accidental Radical was a bright affair despite the rain. Sophia told me about it in her own words.

A wet day for a book launch in Lismore, yet the Deputy Mayor Simon Clough and his mum, in her 90’s, enjoyed the day, the book and the colourful atmosphere of Caddies Café. Quite a few books were sold on this rainy day, some people were attracted to the cover alone.

One woman named Penny said, “I have a very strong feeling to buy this book, it called to me from where I was sitting.”

So there was a bit of magic afoot which flowed on to the following launch, when many people turned up at Nimbin‘s iconic Rainbow Cafe.

I made an organic cheesecake in our little solar-powered cottage in the bush and brought this to the Nimbin launch to share with my friends and buyers of  The Accidental Radical. It was a highlight of the launch.

Unfortunately, the photographer left before most people arrived. This was due mainly to Nimbin’s notorious lack of punctuality and time consciousness. Despite this, the photographer from the Nimbin Good Times Newspaper at least got in one good photograph and subsequently an article which appeared in NGT.

Following that, a great many people stopped me in the street and apologised for missing the launch, many of them having been stuck in the flood. The local publicity had worked, quite a few books were sold in town that week.

Sophia (left) with interested buyers at the launch of The Accidental Radical.

Sophia continues to write in her solar-powered cottage. Her favourite place to write. She also contributes regularly to Nimbin News Quarterly as a volunteer writer.

A nice place to write in the 1980s - Nimbin.


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