One half of The Bedhopper’s launches trivia

With  his  co-author, Robin O’Sullivan working in Bahrain, Malcolm Halket was left to launch their book alone in Brisbane.

The launch of The Oily Bedhopper's Book of Trivia

The launch for The Oily Bedhopper’s Book of Trivia was held on Sunday 7th November 2010 in the famous Waterloo Hotel situated in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Malcolm told me, “The Waterloo Hotel, in the past, kept up the traditions of ‘The Valley’ in being rather sleazy with strip shows being the normal entertainment. Now however, it has undergone an expensive transformation, becoming a trendy clean and attractive venue for literary events.”

    The actual launch was undertaken by Stuart McCosker, a veterinary surgeon and the husband of Queensland’s Governor Penny Wensley. Stuart flew back from Canberra specifically to launch the book. Stuart explained to the 60 or so guests that the origins of the book were the trivia nights held at the Bahrain British Club, Malcolm and Robin would prepare questions, but made the mistake of having some Australian answers to a set of questions about biscuits. Much consternation about “damn colonials” ensued. Hence the rather cryptic questions in the category of ‘Australian Biscuits’ which are humorous questions filled with misinformation to basically “stir the possum” with the British establishment  Much laughter and good natured banter followed.

Malcolm signing books at the launch.

Also at the launch were local doctors, chefs, architects and engineers.  A disparate and intelligent crowd who enjoyed a laugh and a drink.

 The book can be purchased at: Zeus Publications. It is a fabulous edition to any trivia night party or for those who just love trivia.

This story first appeared in the December Zeus Publications News and Views.


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