Libraries online and offline can help your book

Plenty of authors ask about how they can get onto virtual book shelves or into libraries. 

When it comes to virtual book shelf websites, mostly the info has to be sent in by the author or publisher but some of the sites will download info from Bowker Link or the like. Sometimes your book will be on a site and you’ll be unsure how the information got there.

A great little blog on the topic I’d like to pass on is: Library App Round Up

It includes the site Goodreads which is becoming one of the most popular virtual bookshelves and book review sites. I subscribe to it myself but it can be time-consuming especially if you accept comments about any book from other subscribers. It is a terrific avenue for authors to build a profile  and it encourages people to comment about, or rate, their books.

Another hint about libraries.

Libraries in Australia usually buy through a library supplier, rather than direct from the publisher. To get library suppliers to purchase books (other than extensive marketing to them) ask as many people as possible to put in a request to borrow the book. Most council libraries have a website where they can put such a request in via email. Once the book arrives at the local library the borrower will be notified. The more request for a book the more books the libraries will buy.

When libraries purchase they keep the books. There is no sale or return (as with book stores) so these are good firm sales. Don’t forget libraries in your marketing campaign because they can help your royalties and your profile as a writer.

To find a local library go to:  Australian Libraries Gateway

Please comment if you know of any othe useful sites.


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