Poetry a hard sell but enjoyable read

Poetry is probably the most difficult genre to market. Poets have to find specialist bookstores, magazines and media outlets to have any chance of selling their poetry. They have to be proactive in their marketing campaign and sprout plenty of word of mouth. Creating a profile for themselves also helps, so does being famous, which unfortunately many of them are yet to be.

Below are some of the most recent Zeus and Poseidon poetry authors and their books:

Rolling with the Punches: Tales of an Aussie Traveller by Sam Duncan           

ISBN: 9781921574061  – $22.95    

Strap your backpack on your back

And come travelling with me

Come with me to Europe

There’s oh so much to see!

Fun in the Sun with a Pun by Neil Dufty                   

ISBN: 9781921574511 – $22.00                  

Neil uses a wide range of poetry styles to entertain and provoke thought on social issues. He writes about everyday matters   including ageing, sport, commuting and relationships.

Ocean of Dreams by Rick Ferguson                      

ISBN:  9781921574689 – $23.95                

When a relationship goes bad, a man does not always head out to get drunk with mates. Sometimes he sits home and writes poetry.

Bleeding Intuition by Mandy Grace

ISBN: 9781921731068  – $19.95

This short collection of poetry is written with depth and meaning and explores a journey of pain, joy and triumph.

Savannah by Malobi Sinha

ISBN: 9781921731297 – $20.00

A collection of quality poetry is hard to find; Malobi Sinha has achieved in Savannah what many writers hope to in their first book – it is simple to read, and flowing sentences meld the words to blend into a natural whole.

Through the Eyes of Words by Ashley Byrnes

ISBN: 978-1-921731-38-9 – $25.00

Obviously written from the author’s heart and personal experiences, this book will touch your feelings because it may apply to any one of us.

My Two Cents Worth by Peter Fraser

ISBN: 978-1-921731-39-6 – $24.95

Satirical poetry that is a critical and humourous look at politics and society. Has the world gone mad?

You can find all the books listed above at either Zeus Publications or Poseidon Books.

For those poets who want to know how to survive as a poet, you may find the blog below to be helpful:


 Can any poets out there suggest other ways to sell poetry? Please comment.


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1 Response to Poetry a hard sell but enjoyable read

  1. thanks for supporting poetry & listing specific books…but tho certainly difficult at times, being a poet is a privilege; you get to go some pretty amazing places. RT

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