Book Creators Circle have a passion for books and writers

An organisation doing a great job at keeping writers focussed on self-promotion is the Book Creators Circle.  A wonderful professional organisation that shares knowledge between writers, illustrators, editors, publishers and anyone involved in book creation. A group to join for such things as 24 hour online conferencing, networking, website page, blog, writing info and manuscript exchange.

You’ll find their site at: If you live in northern Queensland this group would be particularly useful as you would also have the benefit of meeting circle members at events.

Zeus Publications author Joyce Berendes is a member and has just had news of her latest book posted to her page on the site

This page will show you how Book Creators Circle will set up a page for you and even link your book to your publisher, such as the link to Zeus on Joyce’s page.

Letizia at Book Creators Circle welcomes writers to come on board to the concept and profile their work.


About bookszeus

I am the marketing Publicist for Zeus Publications. I am a novel, short story and article writer as well as wife, mother and friend. I have
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