A day in a writer/mother’s life

Last blog I mentioned a busy weekend of watching football and trying to fit in a bit of writing.  Actually I’d set a goal for myself to complete two chapters.

So did I? No.

I did however fit in one full chapter (before football) and read a dozen pages of a book and the two weekend newspapers, whilst waiting for my son to warm up before playing his first game for Tweed Seagulls Colts.

Colts are under 20s and I’m rather proud of my son making this team as the starting halfback. For those of you not involved in Rugby League, this is one of the key positions to lead the team around the field. Since he’s probably the youngest player I guess he probably doesn’t boss the bigger boys enough but I’m sure time will change that. Anyway, where was I? Writing…mmmm.

Sorry I was being a mum for a moment instead of a writer but, hey, those lines are blurred for me. Being a writer is a core part of me but so is being a mum.

At times I’m really torn by my need to write and my children’s needs. Admittedly they aren’t babes in arms. Oldest son, Joel, is a grown man of 18 and my youngest (little darling – yes a bit of sarcasm in that statement) Blake is 15. They can, of course, look after themselves in most ways. They also have their father, my husband Bevil. So if I’m really taken away with my muse and don’t want to be disturbed they just need to put up with it. Unless of course there’s a major disaster (like a break up with a girlfriend) and then I’m right by their side passing out tissues.

The thing is it’s the trivial things that they continue to interrupt me with that gets me bristling.

Regularly, I’ll hear, “I’m hungry, Mum. Can you get me something to eat?” This is usually yelled from their comfy spot on the lounge in front of the plasma television as they watch some idiot American’s reality show. Meanwhile I’m in the middle of my latest work ‘Finding Tarzan’ and just about to introduce the Tarzan character. Making a tuna salad sandwich is not conducive to writing good prose.

Do any of you have family interruptions that stop your writing flow? Let me know.

PS. On a brighter note: I made up for not completing two chapters on the weekend by completing two more on Tuesday. I’m punching the air as I type (okay, just after I typed, otherwise I’d need three hands). Only the real writers out there would have picked that up. It’s all in the detail.


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I am the marketing Publicist for Zeus Publications. I am a novel, short story and article writer as well as wife, mother and friend. I have
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2 Responses to A day in a writer/mother’s life

  1. Julia Nasser says:

    As a mother of four children, all leading complicated sporting life, tennis, AFL, Auskick, little athletics I know the perils of attempting to squeeze in a little ‘me’ time, let alone writing time! It is easy to plan and so difficult to implement. The only great thing about the kids running around madly during the daylight hours is that they sleep peacefully at night. This is the time when I finally find myself in front of my computer inspired to write – and asleep!

    • bookszeus says:

      Hi Julia,
      I agree but when they are teenagers they don’t always sleep at night – party, party, party! I do get to write at night when they are out because I can’t sleep due to the worry and I may as well write until I get the phone call to pick them up. Sleep? What is that? I thought I’d catch up with it when they weren’t babies anymore.

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