Would we all have nighmares in Haiti?

Last blog I didn’t get to say much about the tragedy of the Haitian earthquakes. These disasters have happened since the beginning of time but now that the World’s population is so large it intensifies the catastrophic event.

So many people dead or injured is hard to fathom – 200,000. Consider this; almost 500,000 live on the Gold Coast. Imagine under half our population dying due to Mother Nature, possibly a Tsunami or Cyclone. How would we all deal with that?

The odds that someone we love, know or work with could perish is extremely high. We’d all be in a state of disbelief and grief. During this period of mourning and rebuilding would we also be in a state of panic. I think so. Even though we have infrastructure that is better than Haiti’s the magnitude of something like that is impossible to gauge. Would we fare any better? We already have crime so would those criminals automatically become looters or would some of them choose instead to be rescuers? I don’t think any of us know the answers until we are faced with such obstacles. 

I’d like to believe if I survived something similar to Haiti’s disaster that I would be compassionate and caring. I’d like to think that I would help in any way I could but would the grief of loosing loved ones stop me from functioning? Would I grieve too deeply to be of any help?

Bodies in the street, damage everywhere and the stench could affect even the most hardened of people, such as emergency works. So wouldn’t I, with a weak stomach and a tendency to faint, be no help at all? Could my mind comprehend scenes that shouldn’t be viewed by anyone? Would I physically be inadequate? Possibly!

I hope I never have to know.

On a bright note, the miracles of survival like 16-year-old Darlene Etienne being pulled from the rubble after 15 days. Fantastic – and I hope she makes a full recover. Her nightmares may be the hardest thing of all to cure. Sometimes the aftermath is worse than the event itself.

I send my love and hope for a better future to all those souls in Haiti.


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