Rainy Days are Perfect for Writing

It’s raining for the third day in a row and finally I’m at the computer writing.

The excuses for the two days I didn’t write are the usual festive holiday excuses; friends dropping by, a day at the beach (even though we did have to take cover from the rain), calling in to see friends for a beer and barbecue, walking the dog and generally just lazing about because, after all, I AM on holiday.

But as I said, “It’s raining,” and since it’s raining I will find time to write. I love rainy days for many reasons. I can’t hang washing on the line. I can’t go outside to read a book in the sun. I can’t do a lot of sunny-day things and so I write. Well at least I do something to do with the writing process. I research on the net. I update my blog (doing!). I print out a revised draft and sit comfortably in a chair, editing and adding more words to the next chapter as I occasionally gaze blankly at the rain dripping down the window.

I love the smell of rain and for some reason it’s become a muse for me. I feel the creative juices flowing and I’m on my way into my imagination.



About bookszeus

I am the marketing Publicist for Zeus Publications. I am a novel, short story and article writer as well as wife, mother and friend. I have
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3 Responses to Rainy Days are Perfect for Writing

  1. Jeff Pages says:

    With all the wet weather on the NSW Central Coast these holidays, I’d imagined doing lots of writing, hell maybe even finishing the first draft of the book! It hasn’t worked out that way, as I’m at a point in the story where there are several hard nuts to crack, each needing time to mull over before the right solution appears. Anything rushed or forced just looks, err, rushed or forced. Most of my inspirations come either after just getting into bed or when I’m furthest from a computer. I’ve been known to jot down notes on the back of my own business cards when all else fails!

    • bookszeus says:

      Keeping notes is essential for writers. We all know the most fantastic idea can be forgotten if it isn’t jotted down. Having a pen, pencil (even eyeliner) to write with and something to write on (a notepad is preferrable but I cut up A4 paper from old printouts and recycle) is imperative.

  2. interruptedlandscape says:

    My rainy days are your typical rainy days. My rainy days consist of 70% humidity levels, so when I sit down in a comfortable chair to write my skin feels like it is melting. I love rainy days however my rainy days are not your typical rainy days until winter comes around and then all is back to normal. The cold breeze allows me to sit in a comfortable chair, covered up memorizing about the past and future days. So I guess it all depends on the season the rainy day falls upon, which determines my likings of a rainy day.

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